Frequently Asked Questions

About apply

What kind of booking method do you have?
You can apply online or by phone. There is a discount when applying online. There is no discount when applying by phone. The rental price is the normal price.
When is the reservation deadline?
Online applications must be made 5 days in advance (some plans differ). However, if items are available, you can apply for rentals until 1 day in advance. Applications are only accepted by phone for rentals made less than 4 days in advance. The rental price is the normal price when applying by phone. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail after applying, there may be a problem such as mistaken input of your e-mail address so please call 0570-001-501. Thank you for your understanding. When you receive a completion e-mail from us, please confirm the contents of the e-mail (usage date, number of people, place to pick up rental equipment, place to return rental equipment, etc.).
Can compensation be applied on the day?
You can enroll in insurance when renting equipment. You must apply beforehand when having equipment delivered to your hotel in Sapporo. It is not possible to enroll in insurance after picking up your rental equipment.
What is compensation?
The insurance applies for theft and damage of rental equipment. Loss of rental equipment is not covered by insurance. In case of theft, it is necessary to submit a theft notification report yourself to the closest police station. If you do not enroll in insurance and there is theft or damage to the rental equipment, you must pay the equivalent prices of the equipment.

About items

Is it possible to request the board type and length request?
Generally, you cannot designate the size or manufacturer. If there is a specific size you want, apply online and call our Call Center afterwards. We will hear your requests, but we might not be able to fulfill them.
Do you have goggles for eyeglasses?
We do not carry that product.
Is size exchange possible?
The exchange method varies depending on the store. Niseko・Rusutsu→Please try on when you receive renting equipment. I will exchange size if necessary. New Chitose Airport→After receiving your rental equipment, please check the contents. When you would like to make a request such as size exchanges, please come to the Hokkaido Tour Desk. Sapporo delivery→Delivery is made by 18:00 on the prior date. Contact us by 20:00 to change sizes.
Can you request shoes that can be handled, such as wide, high instep of the foot?
I cannot make a definite promise.

About rental

Where is the rental place?
Where is the rental place / return place, but is it okay?
You can apply.
I go to Niseko on a day trip. How to rent in that case?
When staying overnight in Sapporo, we will deliver your rental equipment to your hotel in Sapporo. You can also pick up your equipment at the Welcome Center (Hirafu No. 1 Parking Lot). After arriving at the Welcome Center, call our Niseko location and we will deliver your rental equipment.
Is it possible to deliver in advance by Niseko delivery?
There is no advance delivery. Contact us on the day you will use the rental equipment and we will deliver it to your hotel.
In the case of Sapporo hotel delivery, what is the delivery time and return time?
Deliveries are made by 18:00 on the day before of your rental date at your hotel. There are no designated return times so please return your equipment to the hotel within the day of the return date.
Can adults borrow Jr boots?
Can not do.

About price

I will ski at night.I want to return it the next morning.In that case what will the charge be?
There are no following day late return fees when returning rental equipment on the following morning at the Rusutsu location or Niseko location. Confirm return procedures and location with the staff when picking up the rental equipment. When your equipment is delivered to your hotel in Sapporo, return it to the hotel after coming back to the hotel.
I will borrow and return it at New Chitose Airport.But I do not use everyday.How many days is the rental fee?
The rental fee is the number of days from the loan date to the return date.
What payment options are available?
When applying by phone, payment can only be made by bank transfer. You can choose to pay by credit card, convenience store payment, Internet banking or bank transfer when applying online. However, when the rental date is near, you may not be able to select convenience store payment.

About cancel

I want to cancel or change some or all of the use.
To make changes or cancel your reservation, use the e-mail sent from us when the reservation was made using our designated form. For changes and cancellations less than 4 days in advance, please call us.
What is the cancellation fee?
For cancellation due to the customer’s reasons after your reservation is confirmed, the following cancellation charges apply. *Cancellations after business hours (9:30-18:00 in season) count as cancellations for the following day. ●Cancellation 2 days or more in advance: No cancellation fee ●Cancellation 1 day in advance: 50% of rental fee ●Same-day cancellation: 100% of rental fee