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Green Season
Tour the Bibi River and Toyohira Rivers in a stable canoe.
Take your time to appreciate the rich nature that's unique to Hokkaido.

Enjoy the open water at
the Chitose Bibi River and the Jozankei Toyohira River

From the water, you can 'immerse' youself in the panoramic view of the sky and mountains that reflect the four seasons. Enjoy leisurely canoeing at the Bibi River, Chitose City, which is near the airport. At Toyohira River in Jozankei Onsen, about 30 minutes from the center of Sapporo City, you can enjoy canoeing, rafting or SUP and stay on top of the latest trend. Experienced guides will lead you on these activities, and anyone from 3 years old to the elderly can participate. 100 people can participate at the same time, and you can even bring your dog along for the experience.