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●About Activities

Is it fun even if for the frist time?
Instructions such as how to ride and paddle are provided in the beginning of tours. Most of our guests are first-timers so don’t feel nervous about joining.
Will it get wet on the tour?
You will generally not get wet from canoeing. Please bring a towel and a change of clothes for SUP and rafting since they are wet activities.
I don’t know what kind of clothes to wear.
Please come with clothes that will not bother you even if you get wet.
Will the tour be cancelled on rainy days?
Good to go, rain or shine. For canoeing and SUP, raincoats are available for free. Rafting is recommended for rainy days to increase the thrill of the experience. Please note that the tour may be cancelled at the discretion of the guide in case of weather conditions that are deemed to be dangerous.
Safekeeping of valuables
We ask all guests to take care of their own valuables. Waterproof dry bags to hold valuables are available free of charge.
How many people can ride in a canoe?
Each boat is limited to 2-3 adults (up to about 250 kg in total). Two adults, one elementary school child, and one toddler may also board one boat. In this case, the children should sit in the middle while one adult sits in front and the other sits in the back. However, we may ask to split boats even if meeting the above conditions.
We are planning to company trip, how many people can participate?
We can accommodate up to 100 people. Please contact us for details.
Will the canoes tip over?
The Canadian canoes we use are capsize-resistant. If you follow the safety instructions, they will not tip over. In the unlikely event that a canoe tips over, the guide will rescue you immediately.
Can I take a photo?
The guide will take pictures of you, so please feel free to ask. For canoeing and SUP, once you get used to it, you can take pictures by yourself (please note that you are responsible for your own safety, so please be careful not to submerge yourself in water). As for rafting, we do not allow you to bring in your own filming equipment, so please leave the filming to the guide.
I would like to know how to make a payment.
Online booking is accepted only with credit card payment.

●About Rental Service

I want to know how to apply.
If you make an online reservation, the online discount will be applied, but if you make a reservation by phone, the discount will not be applied and the rental price will be the fixed price.
Can I make reservations for multiple people at a time?
Yes, as long as the pick-up method and location are the same. The reservation form (input field) allows you to make reservations for family members and accompanying persons at the same time (you can also select rental items).
What payment methods are available?
Web booking: Credit card / Convenience store / Bank transfer/ Paypal
Tel booking: Bank transfer only
*Convenience store payments may not be available for reservations made most recently.
*If your payment has not been confirmed 5 days before your reservation, your booking will be cancelled.
When are reservation due?
Until 5 days before the start of use (7 days for delivery plans).
Is it possible to pick up / return at different place?
Yes, you can select different place to pick up and return. But, the Furano shop cannot be returned at other shops (lending and returning are at the same Furano shop).
I will not be staying at a hotel but would like delivery
We cannot deliver to hotels you are not staying at. Cases where you are staying in the neighborhood or stopping by bus, etc. are also not eligible for delivery.
I will rent/return at New Chitose Airport, but will only be using it for half-day. What will be the fee?
Regardless of whether or not you use the service, the fee will be for the number of days from the date of rental to the date of return.
Could I change the size?
The exchange method differs depending on each store.
Niseko and Rusutsu stores: You can try it on when you receive them, and we will exchange them on the spot.
New Chitose Airport: Size exchange is not available.
Hotels in Sapporo: Try it on upon receiving. If you wish to exchange the item, please call the delivery staff by 8:00 p.m. on the same day. Please note that we cannot handle exchanges after the day following the date of delivery.
I want to specify the manufacturer and type of ski/snowboard.
In general, we do not allow specifying of sizes or brands. If you have a desired size, please contact our call center after applying online. We take requests but it is not a guarantee.
What should I do when rental item is damaged, lost or stolen?
Please contact to call center (TEL: +81-570-001-501 / 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.)
What is the “insurance” which show on reservation page mean?
Insurance is available for rented items to cover theft and damage. Each customer may purchase insurance for their usage period by paying ¥500 (tax inclusive) at the time of rental, although doing so is optional. Note that if you opt not to purchase insurance, you will be charged for the value of the item in the rare event that it is damaged or stolen.
Can my child rent an adult size?
We can lend out skis. However, please note that the skis are also of adult length.

●About Ski Bus

Have all the seats been assigned? Can I request where I would like to sit?
NO seats will be assigned so please sit anywhere you like. There might be a case that we make a seating chart, however, we won’t take any request for it.
Can I leave my luggage in the trunk?
Ski equipment and one other piece of luggage can be checked in.
Can I bring skis / snowboards into the bus?
We will check in your baggage at the time of boarding (no charge for bringing it in). However, please be sure to keep your baggage covered to prevent damage.
*We are not responsible for any damage in the unlikely event that it is damaged.
Can I leave a wheelchair in the trunk?
Yes, but the size has to be within Length/120cm, Depth/32cm, Height/109cm, Weight/20kg and it can be folded or placed sideways. If a passenger on a wheelchair is not able to move on his/her own, please travel with someone who can support.(There will be costs for the traveling companion,too.)
Is there any discount for student/ disabled people/ round trip discount?
No, there is not.
When are reservation due?
Regarding application for 9 days prior the date of use, it is possible to apply from 1 person.From 8 days prior or earlier to 3 days prior (until 6pm), You can apply only when the tour is decided and there are vacancies.
Can I take the bus without reservation?
NO, you have to make a reservation in advance.
Is there a waiting list?
No, there is not.
Can I please get a receipt?
For convenience store payments, the receipt at the time of payment will serve as your receipt. For credit card payments, your credit card statement can be used as a receipt. We do not issue individual receipts.
How do I cancel or change my reservation?
If you want to change or cancel, please be sure to contact from the representative (contract person) by e-mail or telephone(TEL: +81-570-001-501 / 10:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.).
Can I change my current reservation?
We won’t be able to take any request about changing your travel date or the bus(tour). Please cancel the current reservation and make a new one. Therefore, relevant cancellation fee and the fee for the new reservation will be applied.
What payment methods are available?
Application from the Internet: Credit card / Convenience store / Bank transfer / Paypal
Tel bookng:Bank transfer only
*If your payment has not been confirmed 9 days before your reservation, your booking will be cancelled.
*Convenience store payments may not be available for reservations made most recently.
What are the refund options?
For credit card payments, we will change/stop the billing if it is within the credit card company’s response period. If the period has passed or in the case of convenience store payment, we will refund the amount by bank transfer to the account designated by the customer.
I would like to know the detailed meeting place and time.
Please click here → List of Meeting Places (Boarding Stations)

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