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Operating Bus Company– BUS LIST –

Efforts to the bus safe driving.

Amusement Hokkaido Co., Ltd. requests that its affiliated bus dispatchers and operators comply with all laws and regulations and thoroughly adhere to the following items.

  • When the mileage of one operation is 500 kilometers or more, we enforced the safe driving performs a replacement operation by the two driver posture.
  • We obligated the driver to take the once break in a three or four hours.
  • The course of the bus service is conference with the bus company about reasonable course in advance, then tell the service route.
  • We confirmed in advance with the bus company about Road Traffic Law and Compliance with the court speed.

Bus dispatch partners

Head Office Hokuto Building, 6-10-11 Odori-Nishi 6-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Tel +81-11-219-4411

Bus List

Effective: April 10, 2023

Bus Company Safety Assessment Tel
HOKUTO KOTSU Certified +81-11-375-6000
KITA KANKO BUS Certified +81-133-72-8838
Mainichi Kotsu Certified +81-155-59-2201
SAPPORO KANKO BUS Certified +81-11-881-2431
FURANO BUS Certified +81-167-23-3131
Asahikawa Denkikidou Certified +81-166-23-3355
HAMANASU KANKOU BUS Certified +81-11-377-7777
Smile Kankou +81-133-72-8004
OBIUN KANKO Certified +81 155-36-5500
ABASHIRI KANKO KOTSU Certified +81-11-370-5275
Fuji Hire +81-123-33-6271
Hokkaido Takushoku Bus Certified +81-155-31-8811
Nemuro Kotsu Certified +81-153-24-2202
ELM SIGHTSEEING BUS Certified +81-11-377-8181
NIKKO-HIRE Certified +81-146-22-2135
Tsutai Tour Certified +81-155-24-2415
H.CS-Kanko Certified +81-11-398-5551

*Operation of bus tour by the above company or equivalent company.
*For safety assessment certified operators as of 1st Apr. 2023 of acquisition trader.